Europe Lags China and U.S. in AI, New Report Shows.


As the European Union works to become a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI), a new report from the Center for Data Innovation finds that it lags both China and the United States in the AI economy. Out of 100 total available points in the report's scoring methodology, the United States leads with 44.2 points, followed by China with 32.3 and the European Union with 23.5.

"AI is the next wave of innovation, and overlooking this opportunity will pose a threat to a region's economic and national security," said Daniel Castro, the Center's director. "The EU has a strong talent pool and an active research community, but unless it supercharges its current AI initiatives, it will not keep pace with China and the United States."

The report examines six categories of metrics: talent (e.g., number of Al researchers), research (e.g., number of AI papers), development (e.g., number- of AI start-ups), adoption (e.g., percent of firms adopting AI), data (e.g., amount of IoT...

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