Ethiopian rap challenges Israel's police.


In the 1980s, large numbers of Ethiopians began immigrating to Israel and today the 150,000 minority makes up around 2% of the total population.

Since then, integration into the society has been marred by difficulties and many experience racism and discrimination.

Ethiopians recently took to the streets in Israel to protest against the killing of an Ethiopian-Israeli teen by an off-duty police officer.

Against this backdrop, Israeli artists of Ethiopian heritage are breaking through and articulating their condition in the entertainment world, especially in the growing hip hop and dancehall scenes.

One song in particular 'Handcuffed' by rapper Teddy Neguse--has reached new heights after he was invited to perform his song live on the popular news website, Ynet.

In his music video, Neguse is dressed up as a soldier, riding a bicycle, when he encounters two policemen. The officers then, seemingly unprovoked, beat him up.

The music video depicts a 2015 incident in which two policemen were filmed beating...

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