Position:Correction to article by Colin Coulter in last issue - Correction Notice

The last edition of Capital & Class featured an article by Colin Coulter entitled 'The new world order of things'. Unfortunately some sentences from the introduction to the article were removed without the knowledge or consent of the author. The introduction to the article that was published consisted of a single paragraph. There should in fact have been two paragraphs as follows:

These are truly fearful times that we are living in. As I write (March 15th 2003), the premiers of the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain are preparing to convene in the Azores to discuss the escalating crisis in the Persian Gulf. The meeting is being billed by the participants as a final effort to find a peaceful solution to the problem of disarming Iraq. In reality, however, the summit represents nothing less than a council of war.

In the United Nations, attempts to arrive at a diplomatic resolution of the crisis continue apace. The choreography of process serves little though to conceal the absolute certainty of outcome. The...

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