Ensuring sustainability through: the nestle cocoa plan.

Position:Nestle S.A.

The Nestle Cocoa Plan is Nestle's approach to sustainability in cocoa supply. The Nestle Cocoa Plan is an example of Nestle's core business principle, which we call 'Creating Shared Value' - meaning that while we are creating a stronger business for the future, we also create value for the communities in which we operate.

The purpose of this initiative is to work closely with various members of the whole supply chain to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their crops. To achieve this, we work under three main action pillars: enabling farmers to run profitable farms, improving social conditions, and sourcing good quality, sustainable cocoa. Underlying all of these efforts is collaboration with our partners and promoting transparency in our operations.

Supporting agriculture through R D Centre

Nestle launched the Nestle Cocoa Plan with a commitment to distribute 12 million high-yielding plantlet to farmers within 10 years in order to contribute towards rejuvenating their old cocoa plantations.

The Research and Development Centre that Nestle opened in Abidjan in 2009 has developed expertise in plant propagation techniques and works closely with the Ivorian national research center, CNRA.

We propagate the best planting material received and approved by the CN RA and offer them to the cocoa farmers in Cote d'Ivoire. Our Nestle Agronomists, in collaboration with the national extension service and in concert with our suppliers, train the farmers before they receive the plants. The training concerns good agricultural and environmental practices, integrated pest and farm input management, as well as issues on workers' rights. The training sessions, organized in the farm context, are called "farmer field school" or agricultural classroom. promoting hygiene in schools and in I selected communities.

The Nestle cocoa Plan has a focus on 1 women empowerment by supporting beneficiary mothers, providing them with funds for entrepreneurship and scholarship.

Long term collaboration

By working with farmers, farmer organizations and our suppliers, we aim to ensure long-term supply of good quality cocoa for our consumer products.

Several cooperatives in Cote d'Ivoire have benefited from the Nestle Cocoa Plan since its inception. We favour small holder farmer aggregation into democratically controlled farmer groups such as cooperatives.

Partnerships and openness underlie all that we do. We partner with our suppliers, companies, NGOs and...

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