End this diaspora brutality.

Author:Ankomah, Baffour

Young Africans, enticed by promises of good earnings abroad by ruthless agents, very often find themselves virtually enslaved and treated with violence once abroad, especially in Arab countries. It is time for Africa to rise to the occasion and put an end to this new form of slavery.

The time has come for African governments and continental institutions to do something radical to help the African diaspora communities around the world.

In early June, the video of a Ugandan female domestic worker being butchered to death somewhere in Iraqi Kurdistan was circulated on the social media by a Ghanaian domestic worker who is also based in the same locality. The video was so gory that I couldn't watch it beyond the first few seconds, where blood was shooting up from the young woman's body as if from a fountain.

The young Ugandan had been pinned face down by her assailants, who proceeded to cut her up--alive--with axes and knives, later beheading her. Her 'crime', according to the Ghanaian young woman who circulated the video, was allegedly not paying attention to a child of her Iraqi master and 'allowing' the child to run out of the house to be run over by a passing car.

According to the Ghanaian, the work of African domestic workers in the Arab countries is so onerous that they just cannot keep abreast of everything at the same time. Their masters' wives, she said, just sit and play with their phones and leave all the housework to the domestic workers, including the care of their children.

On this particular occasion, the Ugandan woman was said to have been engrossed with housework when the child ran from the house. For failing to see this, she was blamed for having caused his death by default. And so she had to die in return; and her Arab masters proceeded to kill her --with knives and axes--and videoed the gory thing to boot.

According to the Ghanaian, the assailants asked the Ugandan to give them the contacts of three of her friends before she was killed, so that they could send them the hideous video to serve as a warning to other domestic workers. That is how the video came to be circulated worldwide. My heart fell when I watched the first few seconds.

No worse fate

No worse fate could befall an African --in this day and age--than this, being butchered alive until death,. The Ghanaian domestic worker sent the video to her brother in Ghana, asking him to circulate it to warn other unsuspecting Ghanaian young women and men who might be enticed...

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