End the blame game.

Author:Choruma, A.
Position:Development and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa - Readers' Views LETTERS & COMMENTS - Letter to the editor

The problem that I see as impeding African development and growth in sub-Saharan Africa is the blame game.

We blame slavery, imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, sanctions, climate change and so on for our inabilities, weaknesses and failures.

It's high time that we Africans stopped the blame game of pointing fingers at other people for causing our wide range of debilitating problems--wars, poverty, unemployment, inequality, hunger, disease, squalor--you name it.

The fault is not in our stars, but in us, that we find ourselves in these conditions.

African leaders have a voracious appetite for clinging on to power for as long as it takes and by any means--fair or foul. We blame these leaders for autocracies--yet we forget that we are the ones who voted them into office and have the power to remove them when they fail to serve our interests.

African leaders too never accept their own failures. They are ready to blame someone else--the British, French, Americans, Chinese and even the opposition, for their own failures. The blame game has become part of the DNA for African leaders.

The African media often reveres dictators and corrupt leaders as icons. They attribute their failures to external forces, just as the leaders do. It becomes a vicious cycle of...

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