Embrace MaaD-ness: give your business the innovation edge: Kong Yang, Head Geek[TM] at SolarWinds.


In a business, it is everyone's responsibility to make the company valued and differentiated from the competition. This disruptive innovation begins at the grass roots--the application services developed and delivered by an organization. Through continuous integration and delivery, IT professionals lay down the foundation for applications.

Unfortunately, thanks to the ever-growing volume, velocity, and variety of technologies, the spans and layers of complexities have spread throughout the entire application stack and its lifecycle. IT professionals no longer have the luxury to be siloed and silent in their IT operations; they need to become benefactors to the business while helping to minimize the barrier to consume for their customers.

With great change, comes great opportunity. IT professionals need to maintain their cool and calm as they integrate and deliver the services that fuel innovation. As services team members, they will deal with incidents across the distributed systems that encompass their application stack. Monitoring as a discipline (MaaD) holds the key to unlocking the full intent of their organization's disruptive innovation.

Monitor as a Discipline

Monitoring as a discipline builds on eight foundational skills: discovery, alerting, remediation, troubleshooting, security, optimization, automation and reporting. Unfortunately, many IT professionals are too busy in their daily reactionary tasks that they do not fully implement monitoring as a discipline. Up-down funk is certainly not monitoring as a discipline, and neither is the Twister[R]-like game of green-yellow-red. Monitoring as a discipline provides the foundation to deal with the changes that occur in continuous service integration and continuous service delivery.

The Innovative Advantage

The monitoring practice needs discipline to affect innovation in a positive way. The trust and competency born from monitoring discipline provide businesses with the confidence to venture forth with the sole focus on their application aspirations.

Monitoring as a discipline provides the business with means to realize an innovative end. First, it allows an organization to establish a baseline for their data centre operational efficacy in support of the application stack. Thus, regardless of what technologies they adopt and use, they will always have a clear idea on whether their services delivery got better, stayed the same, or...

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