Embarcadero[R] Change Manager[TM].

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Embarcadero Technologies have released Embarcadero[R] Change Manager[TM] 5.0, claiming to be the only database change management tool that provides deep cross-DBMS support from a single user interface, across all three areas of database change management: schema, data, and configuration. Embarcadero Change Manager 5.0 provides developers and DBAs with advanced schema compare and alter functionality, data compare and synchronisation capability, and configuration auditing, enabling users to report on database changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint database performance problems that result from planned or unplanned changes.

Change Manager claims to help administrators ensure that changes applied to the production environment are also applied to the design, development and test environments. It also allows developers and DBAs to reliably roll changes forward between databases and validate the integrity of an environment. Additionally, Change Manager 5.0 provides the ability to take "snapshots" to capture database schema and proactively monitor databases for changes. If an issue occurs, DBAs can use these "snapshots" to review...

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