Efficient e-governance solutions: Singapore was ranked first by Accenture in their 2014 e-governance rankings based on criteria of citizen satisfaction.


Offering many benefits, e-governance provides convenience, easy access to information, improved customer service, reduced costs of doing business and less paperwork.

CrimsonLogic's e-judiciary system helped Singapore overcome its backlog of over 2,000 cases in 1991. The e-system now ensures that cases are heard in seven days.

The same e-judiciary system is now installed in the Namibian capital, Windhoek, as well as in Mauritius. It is more than just a website.

Transforming governance through digital tools

Beyond the acceleration of processes, inbuilt programmes can regulate and systemise the way things are done, eliminating the different functions executed by officials and reducing opportunities for rent-seeking and corruption.

E-governance can also aid the reform and transformation of government by enabling participatory governance and partnerships to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

In 2014, the UN ranked Singapore third for e-governance solutions, behind only South Korea and the United Kingdom. Singapore was ranked second for online service delivery, ahead of South Korea and Japan. The consulting firm Accenture ranked Singapore first in their 2014 e-governance rankings when 10 countries were compared based on the three criteria of citizen service delivery experience, citizen satisfaction and service maturity.

Accenture Singapore's managing director was quoted as having said that nearly 3.34 million citizens had opted for the Central Provident Fund's e-service since its launch in September 2010, which led to almost $1.15m in savings due to the reduction of printed paper statements.

Only a handful of countries are ranked highly in multi-channel service delivery by the UN's e-government survey. Available via various platforms, e-government services can be accessed using mobile apps, public kiosks and wifi.

Singapore citizens can pay their tax bill online, and receive SMS alerts when their passports or road tax are due for renewal.

Since Africa leads the world in the adoption of mobile banking, it is likely that for e-governance to take hold, online services to citizens that are also accessible on mobile phones will see greater active participation.

There is cross-agency collaboration between various government departments. For example, the Central Provident Fund is Singapore's compulsory social security savings scheme for all working Singaporean and permanent residents.

Mobile apps and public kiosks

The same fund can be used to pay...

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