Education at root of success.

Author:Shah, Kokil K.

Your article, 'South Africa: No country for young people' (NA, October) is an exceptional exposure of the youth employment crisis and the educational standards issue currently facing South Africa.

In fighting poverty and abject misery, different countries have different objectives, as well as views on how essential it is for them to prioritise resource allocation to maximise results.

But education, which is the backbone to poverty eradication, is a fundamental, basic right for all citizens residing in any part of the globe. Governments owe their citizens a duty to facilitate this basic service.

Unfortunately youth unemployment is not only prevalent, and an explosive issue, in South Africa. Today, it is a global phenomenon, with discontent making itself visible in violent protests witnessed in several different regions of the globe.

This crisis of youth unemployment cannot be specifically laid at the door of the lack of educational opportunities. There are other critical factors contributing to this challenging...

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