Ecape from Africa?

Author:Attoh, Sammy
Position:READERS' VIEWS - Letter to the editor

I am confused, plainly just confused about Akua Djanie's "Escape from Africa" piece. If we all took a "slave boat" journey out of Africa for "greener" pastures in other lands, who then would remain to attend tenderly to "Mama Africa as she ages along and becomes fragile"?

Akua's piece brings to mind my student years in Paris in early 1987 when one of the colonial doyens who used to live in Guinea before the country gained its independence, told me and some African student friends that "Africa is beautiful without Africans" ("L'Afrique est belle sans les Africains").

And he was not joking! Akua has proved him right. As for Guinea, it is common knowledge that how the French destroyed its infrastructure when they were departing, in anger!

Akua's piece has thrown me overboard from the "the slave ship" and really made me think about what the Nkrumahs and Bob Marleys meant by neo-colonialism and mental slavery.

These diasporan Africans, when they return to Africa to stay or visit relatives, often think they are better than their brothers and sisters who haven't left because they have been to the white man's land. They come with all sorts of baggage, some full of good...

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