Dynamic Threat Protection.

Position:IT News

Internet Security Systems, Inc. has announced a 'Dynamic Threat Protection' approach to enterprise security designed to move customers away from expensive, reactive, semi-automated intrusion detection systems (IDS) to a proactive, unified, highly automated security system offering protection across desktops, servers and networks at a lower total cost of ownership. The two key elements of Dynamic Threat Protection technology include 'Virtual Patch' and, real-time 'Event Correlation.'

The driving force behind Dynamic Threat Protection is a centralised management system which enables organisations to control, monitor, analyse and correlate security threats and vulnerabilities across multiple devices and networks from one single console. SiteProtector 2.0, released January 2003 offers enhanced compatibility with the entire Dynamic Threat Protection platform, aiding the installation, and administration of RealSecure agents, while its real-time...

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