Does The Cost Of Living Affect Your Decision To Invest In A Company? Check Out The Results From Our Latest Poll

Author:Ms Stephanie Bauer
Profession:TMF Group

A whopping 82% of respondents to a recent TMF Group website survey agree that cost of living affects their decision to invest in a country.

Unsurprisingly the cost of living pressures faced in some of the world's most expensive cities makes a potential investor reluctant to part with their money as investors don't believe they will sufficient value for money. In the recently released Savills' 12 cities index London and Hong Kong top the list as the world's most expensive cities to live in.  In comparison to London it is two times cheaper to live and work in Sydney and four times cheaper to live and work in Rio de Janeiro. Soaring rents and the strong British pound are to blame for London's first place position on the list. According to Savills, property prices in London have jumped 18.4% in the past year. This result has put London and Hong Kong well ahead of places such as Paris and Tokyo which round out the top five most expensive cities in the world.  Savill's 12 Cities report is designed to asses relocation costs companies face and measures the cost per employee of renting living and working space. Places such as Sydney, Dubai and Shanghai are considerably cheaper to invest in and TMF Group CEO Frederik van Tuyll believes they should be seriously considered before more expensive cities. "Cities such as Sydney and Dubai offer a great opportunity for those wanting to invest," Mr van Tuyll says. "However that's not to say that investing in London and Hong Kong is out of reach." "At TMF Group...

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