The Deloitte Consumer Products M&A Survey: July 2012

Author:Deloitte Consumer Business Group

Rising to the challenge Background We are pleased to present our latest Consumer Products M&A survey – Rising to the challenge. This is the fourth biannual survey of CEOs, CFO and M&A directors of leading Consumer Products companies (publicly listed or private UK). The report provides our insights from a macro-economic perspective and analysis of M&A activity across the key Consumer Products sub sectors from M&A data provided by 25 European Consumer Products companies. This report also gives our view of the M&A outlook, future profitability levels and actions to address the changing patterns in consumer behaviour. Key findings Our survey indicates that there has been a retrenchment in attitudes around the anticipated level of M&A over the next twelve months, with a third of participants now indicating a pessimistic view. However, it is also noteworthy that just under 30% of respondents were very optimistic about the outlook for M&A. Despite ongoing market uncertainty in the Eurozone and the falling back of the UK and a number of other European economies into a technical recession in the first quarter of 2012, underlying M&A drivers in the Consumer Products sector remain strong. For those companies who participated in the survey, market consolidation to achieve economies of scale was...

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