Defiant woman becomes symbol of Sudan protests.

Position:Kaleidoscope - Brief article

For a protest which started last year as an objection to austerity measures, the end result has been the peaceful ousting of President Omar al-Bashir after his near 30-year iron grip on Sudan.

While the military is announcing a two-year transitional regime--with many of the same faces in charge--the people are demanding wholesale change and refusing to accept the old guard. Throughout the uprising, heart-warming images of soldiers joining hands and playing the saxophone with protesters have flooded social media screens.

One image in particular has dominated the coverage and has become a powerful symbol of the revolution. A young activist known as Alaa Salah was photographed atop a white car--hand raised defiantly in the air--spreading the message of the revolution to countless onlookers in the sun-filled dust of Khartoum.

The photo (below) has since rocketed around the world, drawing global interest to the Sudan uprising, and Salah has gained nearly 37,000 twitter followers despite joining in April 2019.

The image itself is multilayered and reveals far...

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