Defence of the Catholic Church.

Author:Boateng, P.K.
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

Much has been written about the "sins" and loss of trust in the Catholic Church including the "summary" by Hable Bocretsion's letter in New African (Oct). Whilst not speaking on behalf of the Church, may I say that the discussion so far has been one-sided. Certainly the behaviour of some priests has been despicable and the cover-up by their bishops most shameful, but condemning the Church as an institution is off the point. No one will blame the institution of marriage because of the adulterous behaviour of some married couples.

Paedophilia is a widespread problem even in families, and many children face this horror every day right in their homes (where there are no priests). Let the saintly voices like that of Bocretsion's sound louder against this evil - also in homes, schools, and in all other Christian chinches because I can bet that it is not only Catholic priests who ate guilty of this sin but other pastors...

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