Dawn of the Cyber Savvy.


The recent surge in cyber attacks has forced organisations to align cyber security efforts across all of their operations, rather than focusing on IT, but CEOs now need to take the lead in protecting their organisations, according to a new PwC white paper.

In 'The Cyber Savvy CEO - Delusions of safety?" paper, PwC calls on private and public sector leaders to gain a better understanding of the cyber threats they are facing and outlines six key steps necessary to be cyber-ready. The supporting Global State of Information Security Survey polled 9,600 executives worldwide. More than two-thirds (69%) of 733 UK respondents said the increasingly aggressive risk environment, fuelled by the global economic downturn, has boosted the importance of the security function. Disturbingly though, the increased profile of cyber security is not being matched by the amount being spent on shoring up organisations from the threat of attacks. Only 35% of UK respondents said they plan to spend more on information security over the next year, compared to the global figure of 51 %.

William Beer, a director in PwC's information and cyber security practice, said: "Executives have traditionally focused on the rewards stemming from...

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