Data explosion intensifies demand for business intelligence tools that analyze multi-source data in diverse formats.

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Artifcial intelligence, internet of Things, augmented reality and mobile technologies offer accurate prediction and simulation of complex data-centric problems, finds Frost & Sullivan's TechVision team.

The rapid proliferation of Big Data, cloud and in-memory computing--and the consequent data explosion--is making a strong case for the greater "technologification" of business intelligence (BI) solutions. As data is captured from diverse sources and in structured, unstructured and semi-structured formats, enterprises are focusing on sophisticated BI technologies that can enhance data collection, deliver actionable insights, and boost their competitiveness.

The market is moving away from traditional BI processes involving complex spreadsheets toward agile BI solutions that offer a deeper understanding of correlations in data. New-age BI solutions boast improved interactivity as well as enriched data and user experience, enabled by advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Data-driven machine intelligence from Al and analytics will prove particularly useful for real-time, accurate insights.

Technologies Transforming Business Intelligence is a new analysis from TechVision. It finds that BI is gradually shifting from on-premise data storage and intelligence models to cloud-based, on-demand and flexible offerings. The demand for mobile BI solutions is also on the rise.

"Considering the increased usage of mobile devices for enterprise applications, professionals now prefer cross-platform, collaborative mobile BI applications that can be seamlessly used from remote locations as well," said...

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