Dakore Egbuson: Dakore Egbuson is one of the most recognised and beautiful actresses from a number of Nollywood film classics. But beyond her acting and celebrated beauty lie versatile talents, which have seen her achieve admirable success in different fields on her rise to fame. For New African Woman, Alex Enahoro caught up with her while she was in Hollywood filming a new venture--her own talk show.

Author:Enahoro, Alex
Position::CELEBRITY INTERVIEW - Interview

Alex: Thank you very much for speaking to us and congratulations on launching The Dakore show. Can you tell us more about this new venture?

Dakore: It is an honour and a pleasure. Basically, the show is a way to express the real me and to reach out to others in a more direct way. as opposed to acting where I'm putting on a character. The viewers get to be entertained, inspired, to see the world through my eyes and meet outstanding Africans doing great things in their chosen fields. It's very exciting for me, because in this project I'm one of two executive producers, which is challenging but fun, I love to travel and I get to draw on my journalism background as well.



Q: At the time you began acting in films, the Nollywood industry was just developing, but today its one of Africa's biggest and fastest growing phenomena. Has this affected the range of roles you are now being offered in comparison to when you first started?

A: Nollywood has grown in leaps and bounds since I started in 1998. I'm very proud of our impact and how our movies have been embraced by Africans all over the world.

I won't say that the range of roles I play have been affected, if anything I have grown personally and actively seek roles that are reflective of that, so I look for more challenges to create more diversity in the roles I play. Also, I have always tried to feature in good movies, as opposed to many bad ones since my career began and that hasn't changed either.

Q: You've been noted for portraying strong women in films such as Caught in the Middle and the Games that Men Play trilogy. Do you draw any influence from your background to help you represent these characters?

A: I am fascinated and motivated by the strength and complexity of human beings, more so women. I definitely tap into that realm and personally I consider myself strong even though, like everyone else, I have had and continue to have vulnerable moments. So, yes, at times I draw inspiration from my personal experiences as well of those of others and from my alarmingly fertile imagination!

Q: Is it true you consider Halle Berry, the late Miriam Makeba and Nike Oshinowo (Miss Nigeria 1991) as inspirations? Did these women influence you to become a role model rather than a star? In the same vein, who or what influenced your decision to become an actress?

A: There are so many women I admire, but I love these women for different reasons--Halle for her...

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