Crucify him, crucify him!...But in whose interest?

Author:Ankomah, Baffour

Never in the 12-year history of this column, which my former editor Alan Rake kindly named after me (Baffour'r Beefs, isn't it cute?), have I stood aside and allowed an outsider to do the talking for me. This month, I'm going to do exactly that -- because of the seriousness of the occasion and the insight this person brings.

Over the past three months, we have all watched in horror the crucifixion of President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa through an international campaign of calumny orchestrated by people who obviously have a lot to lose if Mbeki's scientific investigation into Aids and its cause(s), is allowed to reach its logical conclusion.

Mbeki himself is reported to have said on 5 October that the CIA and big multinational drug companies are behind the campaign to undermine him because of his stand on Aids and his fight for a better economic order for the developing world.

The plan is to get him out of power by making him look like an uncaring buffoon -- "fiddling while Rome burned" is their favourite phrase. I wrote about it in these same columns last month. Since then the campaign has turned nasty. Dear Africans, this is the time to stand up and be counted. Let's hear you speak out!

Somebody has said Africans need to be saved from our softhearted (and even softer-headed) dementia.

It is in this regard that I'm standing aside this month and allowing a South African insider to tell the world about what is really happening in that country:

"I have, in recent days, been on a wide-ranging internet search tracking the lines of communication of the "establishment HIV/AIDers" from their local positions to individuals in the worldwide network.

What I have found is a worldwide network with unrestricted funding connected to specific individuals in South Africa who in turn have individuals in a local networking system involving more than 70 organisations working in HIV/Aids, including health portfolios in various political parties and government (South Africa as well as other countries).

The local and international HIV/Aids Network informs government policy, local and abroad. It appears to be coming from independent sources, but many of them are connected.

So that their current policy on HIV/Aids in South Africa was directly formulated by score influential group. It is not a conspiracy, it is simply an orchestrated communication campaign. Most of the people involved undoubtedly believe they are doing good. Some are undoubtedly in it for political ambition and vested interests -- or even national security.

Be that as it may, I have evidence that the core group are using their HIV/Aids Network to get rid of President Mbeki as soon as possible, that is by the 2003 elections.

The method is simple: prove that Mbeki is a fool for talking to Aids dissidents and buying into their views, and then everything he is trying to achieve in terms of an African Renaissance is foolish.

Last Thursday (21 Sept) President Mbeki, in his regular question time in...

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