Counterfeit Vodka Being Sold In The UK

Author:Mr Mark Mansour, Edgar Asebey, Cristiana Spontoni, Colleen Heisey, Jonathan Berman, Emily K. Strunk, Katherine M. Llewellyn, Ales Bartl, Stephanie L. Resnik, Brigid C. DeCoursey and Matthew R. Bowles
Profession:Jones Day

The UK Food Standards Agency ("FSA") has issued a warning regarding counterfeit Glen's Vodka on sale in several locations around the UK. According to the FSA's warning, the counterfeit bottles can be identified by several mistakes on the label: (i) the word "bottled" is misspelled as "botteled" and (ii) below the statement "Enjoy Glen's Vodka Responsibly," customers are alerted to the website D-rink, whereas genuine bottles read Brand owner Loch Lomond...

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