Cool Hotels: Africa/Middle East.

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Cool Hotels

Africa/Middle East


Edited by Martin Nicholas Kunz

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ISBN 3-8327-9051-9

The Victoria Falls rush to the depths in the distance; the Zambezi flows right in front of your chalet terrace; and as you relax in your bathtub you can hear the grunts of the hippopotamus and a game of croquet by candlelight awaits you on the hotel lawn. This description might fit an exclusive luxury resort, but it actually applies to a small Zambian hotel called The River Club.

More and more of these hotels are being created in the most unusual locations, built with an exacting degree of design and comfort in the midst of unspoiled nature across the continent. The only problem is, how does the visitor find these places? This guidebook provides the inside information on 50 of some of the finest hotels in Africa and Middle East. All the...

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