Controlling vector diseases.

Author:Mateo, Pilar

On the African continent, every minute, a child dies of Malaria. Insect vectors are the main transmitters of these endemic diseases.

Renowned Spanish scientist and dedicated humanitarian, Dr. Pilar Mateo, developed the Inesfly Technology for vector control. Her Inesfly products are an effective tool against diseases such as malaria, dengue, sleeping sickness and yellow fever and have already been tried, tested and used in many countries in South America and South East Asia.

From Inesfly Corporation in Spain, Inesfly Africa was established in Ghana in 2011 in order to cater to the African market in which vector-borne diseases are prevalent.

Located on Adjuma Crescent in the South Industrial Area in Accra, Inesfly Africa set up its ultra-modern offices and constructed a modern laboratory equipped with the latest technological equipment for quality control and research purposes. The equipment and machinery were all imported and installed and prior to commencement of production, Inesfly Africa sponsored Ghanaian engineers, technicians, pharmacists, chemists and bio-chemists to undergo specialised training abroad, as they would be the team constituting the core technical staff.

Eventually, as the factory reaches full operating capacity, Inesfly Africa would offer employment opportunities to approximately 1,500 Ghanaians in all departments of the company's operations.

The Inesfly technology consists of polymeric micro-encapsulations which allows the insecticide to be released in a gradual and slow manner over time, therefore persisting and prolonging the active duration of the ingredients (up to two years) whilst remaining fully harmless to humans and pets.

This new technique of micro-encapsulation is based on a polymeric mould.

This mould, not only regulates the slow release, but also acts as a means of transport for the active ingredient (increasing their bio-availability). It also acts as a protection mechanism against external interactions (variable weather conditions such as sun, rain, humidity and so on).

Another fundamental contribution to the effectiveness of all the Inesfly range of products is the incorporation of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) compound, in the microcapsules. IGR prevents the insect from developing fully as it attacks the full lifecycle of the insect from egg larvae all the way to adult stage.

All Inesfly products are completely safe for humans and pets.

This is due to several factors including:

* The low...

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