Going the extra mile: despite global warming, soaring fuel costs and the development of technology that connects us across thousands of miles via cyberspace, the world travel market continues to flourish and grow, embracing both tourist and business travel.

Author:Lancaster, Pat
Position::TRAVELOG: BUSINESS REPORTAGE - Brief article


Tourism across the Middle East is thriving; every year sees new destinations added to the brochures.

Meanwhile, even with conference calls and webinars linking people across the planet, face-to-face meetings remain a vital part of global trade and industry.

In today's competitive economic climate, it is essential the stresses and strains of long haul flights and hotels are not only kept to a minimum but transformed into a pleasurable experience for those charged with the multimillion-dollar decisions that change lives.

In our new section, Travelog, we will look at a selection of destinations, in global cities where decision makers are likely to find themselves for...

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