Congratulations to everyone who makes us such a dynamic and successful organisation.

Author:Christison, Ian
Position:Annual report

This month we publish our 2005 CIMA annual review, which records a tremendously positive year. We have further strengthened our position in terms of membership growth, finance and status. We are a vibrant, dynamic and successful institute.

Not only does it report significant advances in areas including the syllabus, our technical agenda, CPD and ethics programmes, international strategy and overall operations; it also reports on these and our future plans in a bold, new way. The review's new format is entirely consistent with the principles of the UK operating and financial review, of which CIMA has been a powerful advocate.

I saw further evidence of the esteem in which the institute is held internationally at the opening ceremony for our state-of-the-art new building in Sri Lanka last month. We were delighted to welcome the country's prime minister, Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, who officially opened the offices.

John Coghlan, our deputy president, and Kathy Grimshaw, director of international development, joined me on this visit, which underlined Sri Lanka's significance in our global strategy. This was an occasion to make the entire institute proud and was a great achievement for CIMA's Sri Lanka Division. My personal thanks go to Lalith Fonseka, president of the division, for his warm welcome.

Several of our divisions have recently moved into new buildings, which is evidence of our dedication to enhancing services to members and students worldwide. Our focus on lifelong learning through innovative products and services also demonstrates our commitment to supporting members by ensuring that employers reap the benefit of their continuously updated skills.

Now that it's May, we can see clear indications that members and employers are positively receiving the new CPD policy, which was introduced in January. In particular, leading employers are working closely and enthusiastically with us to develop CPD...

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