Conflict in Afghanistan: Studies in Asymmetric Warfare.

Author:Rhodes, Fred
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

CONFLICT IN AFGHANISTAN Studies in Asymmetric Warfare By Martin Ewans published by Routledge ISBN 0 41534160 4 price 63.00 [pounds sterling] hardback

Asymmetric warfare, broadly speaking, involves conflicts where comparatively weaker and smaller powers have been able to successfully exploit the vulnerabilities of their more powerful and sophisticated opponents.

Two recent examples have been the Vietnam and the Soviet-Afghan wars, but the historical roots of the concept lie deeper, particularly in Afghanistan.

This has become a key modern concern since the 11 September 2001 bombings of the US. Conflicts in Afghanistan tackles this issue by examining the five wars Afghanistan has waged against foreign powers over the past two centuries, all of which have involved forms of...

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