Competition Weekly Email Alert

Author:Mr Paul Stone
Profession:Charles Russell LLP

The OFT and Competition Commission have published a joint commentary on retail mergers. The commentary focuses on three of the questions that have most often arisen in past cases: the local catchment area for retail outlets; the extent to which competition takes place at the local and national levels; and the techniques used to assess how mergers might affect retail prices. Click here.

The OFT has referred the anticipated acquisition by MBL Holdings Limited of TrigoldCrystal Group Limited to the Competition Commission for further investigation. The OFT's investigation indicated that the parties are the two largest UK suppliers of mortgage sourcing software products, which are used by mortgage intermediaries to search for the most appropriate mortgage for consumers. Click here.

The OFT has announced that it has decided not to open a Competition Act investigation into Visa's sponsorship arrangements for the 2012 Olympics insofar as they confer payment card exclusivity on Visa for the purchase of official Olympic merchandise and for the use of ATM machines at official Olympic Games venues. The OFT considers that these aspects of the sponsorship arrangements are unlikely to give rise to material consumer harm. Click here.



The General Court has dismissed an appeal by Altstoff Recycling Austria AG against a 2003 European Commission conditional exemption decision under Article 81(3) of the EC Treaty (now Article 101(3) of the TFEU) in relation to a series of its collection and sorting contracts with regional disposal partners that contained an exclusive obligation. Click here. Appeals brought by Singapore Airlines and SAS Cargo against the European Commission's air cargo cartel decision. Click here. Mergers – cleared

Norbert Dentressangle/TDG. Click here. Mergers – invitation to comment

Caterpillar/MWM. Click here. ENI/AcegasAps/IRIS. Click here. Speeches

Joaquín Almunia, Competition Commissioner: the...

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