Author:Lancaster, Pat
Position:Ariel Sharon's death and military policy

THE DEATH OF ARIEL SHARON WAS NO BLOW to world peace or international security and anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. Sharon was regularly referred to by the world media as "brutal", "muderous" or "a butcher", which is exactly what he was. During the time he held power, to his people he may have been considered a fearless and determined warrior for his cause but so was Adolf Hitler.

Britain's Guardian newspaper observed: "Historians blamed him for instigating unnecessary wars; foes accused him of targeting civilians. A considerable number wanted him tried as a war criminal for allegedly abetting atrocities against Palestinians in Beirut in 1982, when he held the office of Israel's Minister of Defence."

Among the "atrocities", Sharon "allegedly abetted in 1982" was the facilitation and orchestration of the savage massacres of mainly women, children and the elderly in the Beirut refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla. And there was no "alleged" about it. Even an investigation conducted by his own government found him guilty of having personal responsibility for the genocidal attack that claimed the lives of between 800 and 2,000 displaced Palestinians, who mattered so little to the world community that even the numbers obliterated can not be estimated to within one thousand souls. And it was not Sharon's first foray into mass slaughter.

During his 'illustrious' military career, in October 1953, at Sharon's instruction, Israeli paratroops and commandos from the Jewish State's first special forces unit, attacked the Arab village of Qibya, on the West Bank. Some 69 Arab villagers...

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