Command Line Scriptor.

Position:Security Viewpoint

ArticSoft has announced its new Command Line Scriptor (CLS) utility for automatically securing files, folders,documents and emails. CLS incorporates automatic linking to e-mail, integration with FTP for automated upload and download, scheduling to allow tasks to be run at pre-defined times or frequencies and audit logging. GUI interfaces remove the need to 'handcraft' command line parameters so that any administrator is able to control and run CLS without the need for constant technical support.

Administrators define which files and folders to encrypt, decrypt, digitally sign, verify or securely delete and when they want this to happen. They can also pre-set what happens to files once they have been processed; whether the are automatically emailed or FTP'd to a web server, for example. Once parameters have been set up, CLS runs in the background with no need for farther user intervention. CLS is fully OpenPGP and PKI compliant ensuring integration with existing systems, Incoming OpenPGP files are automatically verified and decrypted. CLS's key manager will...

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