CNN Baghdad: an apology and a warning.

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With a possible military confrontation with the United States looming, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein apologised for invading Kuwait. "We apologize to you," Saddam said in a statement read by Information Minister Mohammad Said Al Sahhafa on Iraqi TV. "What we wish for you is what we wish for your brothers in Iraq--to live free from foreign rule and intervention in your wealth and future."

He urged Kuwait "to remain free and faithful by not allying yourself with the aggressors," and warned Kuwaitis that the United States would "steal your wealth and turn you into slaves working for them and turn your leaders into local agents for American oil companies."

Kuwait's Information Minister, Sheik Ahmed Al Fahed Al Sabah, said the statement merely repeated Iraq's previous excuses for invading the emirate.

Ahmed called on Iraq to respect Kuwait's independence and borders and to account for Kuwaiti prisoners...

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