Clyde & Co In Landmark Victory For Sea Shepherd UK


Clyde & Co has successfully represented Sea Shepherd UK over claims that they helped facilitate an attack on a fishing boat belonging to Fish & Fish Ltd, in a campaign against illegal fishing.

Clyde & Co represented Sea Shepherd UK and two US-based defendants (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Mr Paul Watson) for their alleged involvement in an incident in June 2010. Fish & Fish Ltd (claimant) were transporting live Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean Sea when divers entered the water and cut cages, freeing the fish (in a campaign against illegal fishing 'Operation Blue Rage'). There was a trial of a preliminary issue as to whether Sea Shepherd UK was liable for the acts of those involved in the incident, on the basis of Paul Watson's role as both Master of the vessel and also director of SSUK, SSUK's legal ownership of the vessel, and being joint tortfeasors pursuant to the doctrine of common design. The defendants were sued for the value of the tuna.


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