Cisco Rolls Out Turtl after Seeing Impressive Results.


MarTech pioneer Turtl is on a mission to change the PDF and is successfully bringing enterprises round to the idea. Global IT leader Cisco put Turtl's dynamic, trackable and digital-first format to the test in a like-for-like content comparison with the PDF. The Turtl version saw

* 7x more readers

* Average read times of 7.5 minutes

* 90% cost savings

Cisco has since embarked on a global rollout of the Turtl software.

The EMEAR marketing team at Cisco found themselves under increasing pressure to deliver better content in less time at a lower cost. Their pre-Turtl approach, centred around PDF assets, was impeded by the cost of design, long lead times--which often rendered content out-ofdate on arrival, lack of consistency and limited performance insights.

Director of Marketing, Faith Wheller, comments: "As soon as you've created a PDF, it becomes redundant because content becomes out of date so quickly, especially when you start localising."

Turtl presented an empowering and scalable solution for the team to tackle these challenges head-on.

"We have reduced the production time of content by weeks, if not months, in some cases, as this is a self-service tool. You don't need any agency involvement," says Kay Armstrong, Audience Campaign Manager (EMEAR).

Turt's analytics allows them to report on reading times, the read rates of chapters, specific interactions, and even individual reader journeys, helping them to improve both their content and their content strategy.

Turtl is now in use by over 20 different teams around the world from Beijing to San Jose.

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