CIMA salary survey reveals growing workloads.

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Financial managers worldwide are working longer hours than they were last year, CIMA's 2010 members' salary survey has found. The average working week for members is 45 hours, with those in the US working longest, at 50 hours. Respondents blame a lack of staff and other resources, along with increasing pressure from their employers to take on more work.

This suggests that, as economies start to recover, employees are feeling the effects of job cuts made in the past two years. But the good news is that CIMA members' skills are valued: respondents are earning significantly higher salaries than the national average in every nation featured in the research. In developed economies their salaries are usually between two and three times the national average. In developing economies such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka they can earn as much as ten times the average salary.

In Malaysia and Australia most members have seen their rewards increase since 2009. But those countries that have experienced only modest growth--eg, Sri Lanka and the UK--have...

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