CIMA pledges to slash [CO.sub.2] emissions.

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The institute has joined organisations including Adidas and Microsoft, as well as individuals such as UK prime minister Gordon Brown, by signing up to the 10:10 campaign and promising to reduce its UK carbon footprint. The scheme, which was set up by the team behind the film The Age of Stupid and is free to join, aims to reduce the UK's carbon dioxide emissions by ten per cent in 2010.

Those who sign up to 10:10 will aim to cut their emissions by ten per cent this year in four key areas: grid electricity use, on-site fossil fuel use, vehicle use and air travel. Targets are measured relative to revenue, so they won't constrain growth, and there will be no external audits or league tables. Participants are responsible for measuring and showing evidence of their own reductions, and for choosing when their year starts and ends. Any admin costs should be at least equalled by savings on fuel bills, employee motivation and good publicity, according to the organisers, who have quoted figures from the Department for Energy and Climate Change showing that organisations will reduce their fuel bills by [pounds sterling]150 to [pounds sterling]200...

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