CIMA and its members must be team players and help emerging economies worldwide to help themselves.

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My recent visit to Bangladesh has left me with much food for thought, particularly on the subject of teamwork. Bangladesh has been named by Goldman Sachs as one of the "next 11" countries--ie, those with the potential to be among the world's largest economies. But, to fulfil its potential, this nation of 156 million people must ensure that the conditions for sustainable business are in place, including a focus on skills and appropriate governance. This will require co-operation between the government and all levels of business, from multinationals to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of my trip was to sign an agreement between CIMA and the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) to allow mutual advanced entry for members into both bodies' professional exams. Before signing the deal, I saw an indication of just how much value Bangladesh places on its management accountants when I attended the ICMAB's new members' convocation. The ceremony revealed the deep pride that new members have in their qualification and the high level of support they receive from their families. The guest speaker was Zillur Rahman, Bangladesh's head of state. President Rahman stressed that management accountants are playing a crucial role in ensuring that the country's economic development is built on firm foundations.

While in Dhaka I also joined the judging panel for the national final of CIMA's global business challenge (which was being broadcast on national TV as the latest form of reality show). The professionalism and imagination of the competing student teams gave me great hope. I left for the airport thinking that teamwork is the only way to help nations such as Bangladesh achieve sustainable development. The East and the West must learn from each other, just as today's business leaders must listen to the leaders of the future--such as the innovative undergraduates around the world who have been...

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