China's software developers eye Linux.

Author:Berger, Matt
Position:Software Intelligence - Evans Data research

A survey of 700 developers in mainland China revealed that while the Windows operating system dominates the country's software development efforts, a significant proportion of programmers are beginning to develop applications for Linux or plan to do so in the next year.

The survey, by research company Evans Data, paints a different picture of the software development community in China than in North America, where a smaller percentage of developers said they plan to experiment with Linux applications in the coming year. About 27 percent of the developers polled in China said they are currently writing Linux applications. Looking ahead, 66 percent said they would probably" or "absolutely" write Linux applications within the next year. Only 9 percent said they had no intention to write for the open source operating system in the next year.

In contrast, about 40 percent of North American developers surveyed in January by Evans Data, as part of a separate study, said they plan to write Linux applications within the next year. Despite the apparent interest in Linux in China, the target operating system for deploying applications is still very much Windows. Almost 80 percent of the developers polled said applications written for commercial resale and those deployed internally were written to run for some version of Windows. Only about 4 percent of those surveyed said applications...

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