Birth of the beautiful one: Eric Kwame charts Ghana's fascinating political history from independence to fully Hedged multi-party democracy.

Author:Kwame, Eric
Position:Brief article

After political and economic tumult following the end of the Kwame Nkrumah era, Ghana has developed into one of the most stable democracies in Africa. Wide-ranging economic reforms made it the darling of the Bretton Woods institutions but while the statistics were very good, the actual improvements in the ordinary lives of the citizens were slow. All this has changed over the last decade and now, as a significant oil and gas producer, Ghana has become one of the most exciting economic spaces in the world. But challenges remain; the best is yet to come.

Ghana became independent on 6th March 1957, ending British rule that can be traced back to 6'h March 1844 when a number of chiefs along Its coast signed the' Bond of 1844', submitting to British protection from the more powerful kingdoms in the hinterland.

From then on, the British extended their area of influence and control through treaties and military conquests. Ashanti and the Northern Territories were among the major additions. By the 1950s, when independence was...

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