Charity Update - 8 May 2013

Rich List giving 2012

The Sunday Times Giving List shows giving up by 21% to £2,081m in 2012 which represents a smaller proportion of wealth compared to earlier years.

New Philanthropy Capital

30 April 2013

NCVO research shows impact of inflation on charities

NCVO's UK Civil Society Almanac 2013 shows impact of high inflation on charities in 2010/11 notwithstanding the increase in charity income for that year.


30 April 2013

Treasury to consult on digital giving

The Treasury is expected to launch a consultation on Gift Aid next month including examination of digital giving and a universal Gift Aid database.

Philanthropy Impact

1 May 2013

Charity Commission inquiry into The Cup Trust

The Charity Commission opens statutory inquiry into The Cup Trust over use of Gift Aid.

Anyone seeking advice on dealing with HM Revenue & Customs in relation to The Cup Trust should contact Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP partner, Hartley Foster.

Charity Commission

2 May 2013

Big Lottery fund invests £5.3m in four UK-wide initiatives

The Big Lottery Fund invests £5.3m in UK-wide initiatives ahead of the launch of the Big Lottery Fund's £40 million 'Spirit of 2012' Trust to inspire and ensure the spirit of 2012 continues.

Charity Times

2 May 2013

Charity urges Government...

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