Charity Commission News - Summer 2012


Charity Commission consults on revised Public Benefit Guidance

The Charity Commission published its draft revised public benefit guidance on 27 June, which will be out for consultation until 26 September 2012.

The draft revised guidance is intended to replace the Commission's general guidance: Charities and Public Benefit and its guidance on Public Benefit and Fee Charging. The Commission says that it will be reviewing its supplemental guidance on the Prevention or Relief of Poverty for the Public Benefit, the Advancement of Education for the Public Benefit and the Advancement of Religion for the Public Benefit in the light of the current consultation, following which it will consider in what form to reissue that material.

The draft revised guidance is in a new format which includes additional information aimed at helping trustees better understand the guidance and the public benefit requirement. The Commission says that the new format is also more suited to the guidance being read online. The actual guidance (to which charity trustees must have regard as a matter of law) consists of the following:-

Public benefit: what makes a charity Public benefit: who benefits and what the benefits are Public benefit: what people need to know what setting up a charity Public benefit: what trustees need to know when running a charity Public benefit: what trustees need to know when writing their Trustees Annual Report The Commission is requesting views on:-

whether the guidance is helpful, easy to follow and to understand; whether the guidance is sufficient for trustees to make decisions on public benefit; what might be added or omitted; where improvements might be made; and the user's overall experience when using the guidance. The Commission has created a blog for the posting of comments as well as inviting email comments. To download the consultation and the draft documents please click on the links below:

Public benefit consultation

Public benefit: guidance for charity trustees

We will be reviewing the draft revised guidance in detail over the coming weeks and will then publish a more detailed briefing. We understand the Independent Schools Council ("the ISC") will be formally responding to the consultation, together with other professional and umbrella bodies including the Charity Law Association.


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