Capital flight concerns.

Author:Gauvin, Akin
Position:Africa's top companies 2009 - Letter to the editor

What a comprehensive assessment of the comparative standing of the pillars of Africa's business community appeared in your April issue (African Business, April 2009 issue). Yet it seemed to me as I leafed through your numerous pages with a growing sense of unease, that basing your index on conventional market valuations could not do justice to the wealth of the vast natural resources of our continent. So imagine how pleased I was to see Khadija Sharife's excellent article in your next issue in which she knocks those conventional theories well and truly on the head. I agree with her that GDP is not a valid tool in determining Africa's economic development and the sooner the world realises this the better.

Her analysis of natural wealth as opposed to paper wealth in low-income, developing countries is something that should be more widely...

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