Can we trust the UN?

Author:Touray, Samboujang
Position:Readers' views - Letter to the editor

Your August/September cover story, "Can We Trust the UN?", is very interesting and it comes at a time when conscious Africans are questioning the UN's integrity in Cote d'Ivoire and its Resolution 1973, which gave NATO the mandate to "protect the people of Libya".

The UN role in Libya is an example of double standards at best and at worst it is a new mode of Western imperialism against resource-rich African states.


Big powers, as they are fondly called, simply hide behind international organisations like the UN, where Africa does not have a strong voice, especially in the Security Council, to lay hands on desired resources by any means necessary--even militarily!

Resolution 1973 and the mandate it gave to Nato to "protect the Libyan people" makes me wonder why such a step has not been taken to protect "the people of Somalia and Congo", who have suffered enough lawlessness and tyranny respectively.

Yet the UN remains mute or has done very little to restore authority in Somalia, or DRCongo, a country whose mineral...

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