Cure for Aids: a Cameroonian doctor has beaten the competition for an Aids vaccine. Surprise, surprise, his government is happy.

Author:Azonga, Tikum Mba
Position:Around Africa: Cameroon - Victor Anomah Ngu - Brief Article

There are concrete signs that the cure for HIV-Aids that the world has been waiting for, for 22 years may have been found. Prof Victor Anomah Ngu, a leading Cameroonian physician, scientist and researcher, has invented a therapeutic auto vaccine for HIV-Aids called "Vanhivax". And it is working by all indications. One striking fact about Vanhivax is that unlike the conventional vaccine that is preventive, Vanhimax is curative. The inventor is long time surgeon, trained in Nigeria and the UK. He was formerly the head of Cameroon's Scientific and Technical Research Organisation, and later minister of health. He is now officially retired but is actively engaged in his private clinic called the Clinique de l'Espoir (The Clinic of Hope) in Yaounde where Vanhivax is produced and administered.

According to him, the vaccine is made from a specimen of the patient's HIV virus and then administered. Each patient is treated with only his or her own vaccine. Vanhivax gradually eliminates the virus from the bloodstream, while at the same time increasing the CD4 count, one of the important indicators of how healthy the immune system is. If the patient had experienced weight loss, he also begins to regain it.

However, Prof Ngu warns that patients with a completely destroyed immune system or in an advanced stage of full blown Aids are hard to cure. A team of American scientists from the Emory School of Medicine (led by ProfAnsari), recently came to Cameroon...

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