A call for leadership.

Author:Rungaro, Jai
Position:Francis Fukuyama - Letter to the editor

Congratulations to African Business on your interview with such a world-class figure (African Business, May 2009 issue). As Francis Fukuyama makes clear, if we cannot learn from history, then we are condemned to repeat it. The Washington Consensus is now largely discredited and we are on the brink of the creation of a new market model. Please God that this will at last be one that recognises the abundant qualities of Africa, both in its natural resources and the talents of its peoples. He puts his finger on the problem when, yet again, he points to the quality of Africa's leaders and their capacity to govern. Anver Versi can do no better than to echo this in his editorial ('The singer or the song').

In Africa, we are missing the contribution our well-educated PhDs could make to our leadership, which other...

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