CA seeks to Ensure CMDB success.

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CA, Inc. have announced its participation in a newly approved industry-wide specification for sharing information between Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) and other management data repositories (MDRs), including asset management systems and service desks. CA contributed to the open standard, which aims to enable organizations to federate information from complex, multi-vendor IT infrastructures. The specification was approved by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).

Robust CMDBf standard-based federation of configuration data is a key to high-value change and configuration management that reduces risks and proactively prevents incidents and problems at the service desk. Federated CMDB data speeds and improves the accuracy of impact and root-canse analysis at the service desk and reduces the cost and uncertainty of deployments, fostering better Lean IT decisions that increase service availability and decrease resource consumption.

In 2008, CA implemented and released the CA CMDB product with services specified in the first public release of the specification by the CMDBf consortium. In September 2008, CA participated in...

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