'Business unusual' approach to efficiency.

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Prime Minister Dr Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini (above) who rook over as Head of Government in October 2008, has been cracking the whip in terms of the delivery of government services.


Banished is the former "business as usual" approach; in its place he has instituted a "business unusual" mode for public administration. All Ministries have been given specific performance targets and progress is being monitored by the Cabinet and Parliament through quarterly reviews.

Setting out the agenda in the government's Programme of Action for 2008-2013, Dr Dlamini has targeted "priority areas that focus best on the needs of our people." These include health, education, food security, increased access to water, greater economic growth and job creation, among others.

Most recently, the Kingdom has also shown its zero-tolerance to corruption by strengthening the government's anticorruption unit and setting into motion measures to prosecute high-profile cases.

As part of the new ethos, Dr Dlamini called for a comprehensive review of health facilities in the country including the state of equipment and the standard of healthcare delivery.

On education, government has fulfilled the Constitutional provision of ensuring free primary education and has given the responsibility of orphaned and vulnerable children in the school system to the Deputy Prime Minister's Portfolio.

An Accreditation Authority, which will seek to raise standards and the quality of professional training, will soon be established.

The Education Ministry has stated its aim: "We shall go further and improve the quality and relevance of education, seeking to ensure that school leavers are well equipped in practical and business skills that can be utilised in productive and self-sustaining enterprise.

"To meet the needs of our modern economy, we shall shift the emphasis to technical and scientific skills."

The Kingdom's Government has revisited its post-independence intensity to ensure food security...

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