Building Dedicated Channels for Live Broadcasting.

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This live broadcasting uses Huawei's E2E 5G network slicing solution, which enables carriers to slice a network into multiple virtual E2E networks on the same hardware infrastructure. Each slice logically isolates the terminals, radio access network (RAN), transport network (TN), and core network (CN) from end to end, to meet the differing requirements of industries in various service scenarios. Taking this ceremony as an example. Shanghai Mobile and Huawei set up 5G network infrastructure and are providing slice services to build dedicated channels that feature ultrahigh bandwidths and ultra-low latency: a guaranteed experience for 4K UHD video playback.

5G network slicing has changed the 'one network, best effort' business model of the conventional 3G/4G network. It provides separate logical networks for different industries to meet their requirements in various service scenarios, helping carriers apply 5G networks to these...

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