Breakthrough in instant-on memory encryption.

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Origin Storage has welcomed a breakthrough in memory encryption that will allow instant-on memory - non-volatile main memory - to be used more securely on desktop and laptop computers.

According to Andy Cordial, managing director of the secure storage systems specialist, the use of non-volatile memory for instant-on facilities with conventional computers -- as opposed to tablet machines - has been held back because of worries about data held in the computer's memory being accessible when the PC - and its security systems - is switched off.

"This breakthrough by Carolina State University researchers means that sections of the instant-on memory can be encrypted, with data flowing into and out of that memory segment being encrypted on-the-fly, in much the same way as our encrypted drives ( operate," he said.

"And also like our range of encrypted drives, there is no time-lag or latency involved with the encryption. This is really great news, as having this feature on instant-on computers will not only speed up the boot time of desktop and laptop computers significantly, but it will also help to raise the awareness of encryption," he added.

Cordial added, although awareness of the need for encryption at all stages in data usage is growing, there are still a lot of computer users that are blissfully unaware of the risks they are running in not encrypting data when it is at rest.

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