Books available for review.


If you would like to review any of the books listed below, please contact the book reviews editor, Adam D. Morton, by email: Adam.

Ackerman, B., A. Alstott & E van Parjis (eds.) (2006) Redesigning Distribution: Basic Income and Stakeholder Grants as Alternative Cornerstones for a More Egalitarian Capitalism (Verso).

Agosin, M.R., D.E. Bloom, G. Chapalier & J. Saigal (eds.) (2007) Solving the Riddle of Globalisation and Development (Routledge).

Aguiar, L. M. & A. Herod (eds.) (2006) The Dirty Work of Neoliberalism: Cleaners in the Global Economy (Blackwell).

Anderson, B. (2006) Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, new edn. (Verso).

Barbrook, R. (2007) Imaginary Futures: From Thinking Machines to the Global Village (Pluto Press).

Boltanski, L. & Eve Chiapello (2007) The New Spirit of Capitalism, trans. G. Elliott (Verso).

Cockburn, A. (2007) Rumsfeld: An American Disaster (Verso).

Checchi, D. (2006) The Economics of Education: Human Capital, Family Background and Inequality (Cambridge University Press).

D'Adesky A.-C. (2004) Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS (Verso).

Debray, R. (2007) Praised Be Our Lords: The Autobiography (Verso).

Durand, J.-P. (2007) The Invisible Chain: Constraints and Opportunities in the New World of Employment (Palgrave).

Elbaum, M. (2006) Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals turn to Lenin, Mao and Che, new edn. (Verso).

Flyvbjerg, B. (2003) Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition (Cambridge University Press).

Greig, A., D. Hulme & M. Turner (eds.) (2007) Challenging Global Inequality: Development Theory and Practice in the 21st Century (Palgrave).

Gruber, H. (2005) The Economics of Mobile Telecommunications (Cambridge University Press).

Gupta, S. (2006) The Theory and Reality of Democracy: A Case Study in Iraq (Continuum).

Haroon Akram-Lodhi, A., R. Chernomas & A. Sepehri (eds.) (2005) Globalisation, Neo-Conservative Policies and Democratic Alternatives: Essays in Honour of John Loxley (Arbeiter Ring).

Haynes, M. & J. Wolfreys (eds.) (2007) History and Revolution: Refuting Revisionism (Verso).

Henwood, D. (2005) After the New Economy (The New Press).

Hodgson, G. M. (2007) The Evolution of Economic Institutions: A Critical Reader (Edward Elgar).

Hylton, F. (2006) Evil Hour in Colombia (Verso).

Jefferson, T. (2007 [1776]) The Declaration of Independence, introduction by Michael Hardt (Verso).

Kahveci, E. & T. Nichols (2006) The Other...

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