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Beta Testing for Better Software

Fine, Michael Wiley 2002 ISBN 0471-25037-6 Boiling it down Beta Testing is allowing (potential) customers to have a go with the product and requiring them to report back. It is then essential to take notice of what the customers say.

Palm For Dummies, 2nd Edition Bill Dyszel, Wiley 2002 ISBN 0-7645-1674-4 Black and white screen shots from the Palm hand held computer and explanations of how to use its various functions. The functions are arranged bite sized so that a busy person can study them on a need to acquire the knowledge basis.

Large-Scale Software Architecture A Practical Guide Using UML Garland, Jeff and Anthony, Richard Wiley 2003 ISBN 0 470 84849 9 UML stands for Unified Modelling Language. There is little in this book regarding user requirements. The Software Architect has a coordinating role to see that the whole project moves forward.

Red Hat Linux Internet Server Sery, Paul G. and Beale Wiley 2003 ISBN 0-76454788-7 This in-depth guide delivers all the know-how you need to set up and manage a state-of-the-art Linux Internet Server

Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide Moore, Sandra A. Fox, Tammy. Fuller, Johnray. Ha, John. Bailey, Edward C. Wiley 2003 ISBN 0-76454967-7 "... This comprehensive, authoritative guide delivers all the know-how you need to install, use and customise the latest version of Red Hat Linux" Version 8 of Red Hat Linux X is bound into the book on two CD ROM's

Red Hat Linux 8 Your visual blueprint to an open source operating system Whitehead, Paul. Wiley 2003 ISBN 0-7645-1793-7 A maranCrraphics book. Each topic is dealt with by an short description and then two colour screen shots annotated with steps and instructions on how to achieve the topic. Red Hat Linux 8 is bound in on two CD-ROM's.

Teach Yourself Visually Mac OS X v.10.2 Jaguar MaranGraphics Wiley 2003 ISBN 0-7645-1802-X A MaronGraphics book. Tasks are defined and explained and then the steps necessary to achieve the task are illustrated with numbered boxes and explanations.

Naked Objects Pawson, Richard and Matthews, Robert Wiley 2002 ISBN 040-84420-5 We over simplify. Naked Objects have fewer properties than the regular type of Objects that we are used to. This means that the system can be more readily designed and changed. The authors of this book are the originators and designers of the Naked Objects concept.

MySQL Your visual blueprint to open source database management Moncur, Michael. Wiley 2003 ISBN...

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