Boateng simplistic on Zim land reform.

Author:Hanke, Nora
Position::Reader's views - Letter to the editor

I read Osei Boateng's article on Zimbabwean's land reform (New African, January) with great interest; particularly since I have also mostly been exposed to Western media reports on the issue. Boateng goes to great lengths to establish the credibility of the study, its authors, funding and methodology. The conclusion of the study seems to be a common sense one, namely that the Zimbabwean land reform is "a more nuanced story" than generally depicted. Considering that Boateng advocates this view, I wonder why he seems to be doing just the opposite. He simplifies the matter of Zimbabwe's economic collapse and puts it down to "American and European-imposed sanctions" without offering any data supporting this sweeping statement.

The spirit of the study he introduces is one...

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